STEM Block: 4 lessons

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Age: 9-14 years old

Duration of lesson: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Level: Level 2. Prerequisite course is not required.

Package: STEM BLOCK- 4 Consecutive Lessons

Schedule of Group: Every Saturday, 11:00am-12:30pm

**Please Note: Even once classes begin, you can still join the group (depending on availability).

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Approach: Individual or in pairs

What we study:

Maneuverability, punctuality, passability, attentiveness – is it possible to “teach” robots these processes and skills? And does it require special NASA equipment? Our course “Programming with SPIKE Prime” will convince that programming is not only simple and interesting, but also possible for every young innovator. The course “Programming with SPIKE Prime” is developed on the basis of the Spike Prime set – new products of 2020 from LEGO Education. It opens up opportunities for fun, while learning programming and robotics using the easy-to-understand Scratch 3.0 – like programming environment.

What do we achieve:

Students will master basic programming skills, learn to program in block diagrams and understand how to operate variables. Children will create programs for various robot missions. Understand the technical features of electronic components (color sensor, force sensor, ultrasound sensor, gyroscope, servomotor) and design and program their own robots. They will improve communication and presentation skills, learn to distribute and perform various roles in the team.

Cancellation and make up policies:

Please be advised that a 24+ hour cancellation notice is required via phone call or email for a cancellation request to be processed. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, any students with illness or symptoms related to COVID-19 may provide a cancellation notice that is less than 24 hours. In case of symptoms related to COVID-19 a Covid Test is required to continue classes. Students who have successfully cancelled a class will be permitted for a make-up class with another group depending on the availabilities. During the make up lesson, children will be working on the specific topic they have missed. To read more visit our website –

Important Covid-19 Information:

With the current COVID pandemic, we will do everything possible to provide a safe and healthy environment for all students and teachers. Our measures will include: Cleaning and sanitizing regularly, minimization of traffic (only 8 children per class), frequent washing and sanitizing of hands, wearing of face masks where necessary and as per the guidelines set by the CNESST and the Quebec Government. We will comply with all protocols put forward.

If you would like to read more about our Covid-19 Operating Procedures, please, visit out page Covid-19.