Cancellation policies

Class Cancellation Policy

Please be advised that a 24+ hour cancellation notice is required via phone call or email for a cancellation request to be processed. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, any students with illness or symptoms related to COVID-19 may provide a cancellation notice that is less than 24 hours. In case of symptoms related to COVID-19 a Covid test is required to continue lessons. 

Students may be able to make up the missed lesson with the different group in the cases mentioned above, depending upon class availability, course eligibility, and scheduling. 

See Make-Up Course Policy below for more information on which courses are eligible for a make-up. 

Make Up Policy

A make-up lesson is offered to children who have missed a class and are looking for the opportunity to work on the specific course topic they have missed. Students who have successfully cancelled a course according to our Cancellation Policy may be eligible for a make-up class. Our team will do our best to find an available spot in a different group at the convenience of the parents schedule, our schedule and within the timeline of the semester.

Sometimes, due to the nature and structure of some of our courses, we are not able to offer classes for make-up and if this is the case, the amounts paid are not refundable.

List of Courses and Their Eligibility

Early Development

Make-up classes with another group are possible, however, due to the lesson structure, children will be following the same lesson as the other group.

Science in your world, Fun with engineering, Mechanics for beginners, Robotics for beginners, Robotics with Scratch, Programming with Spike Prime, Mindstorms Robotics 

Make-up classes with another group are possible. Children will be working on the specific topic they have missed. 

Discovering the world with Minecraft, Programming with Minecraft

Make-up classes are only possible in the event that we can find the group that will be doing the same topic that the child missed within the current semester.

Mindstorms Robotics

A make-up class is possible with another group as long as there is another group with availibility.


Make-up classes cannot be provided. 

**Please note we will always do our best to accommodate and provide make-up lessons in the case of notified absence according to our Cancellation Policy; however, if there are no available time slots, if the groups are full, or if the times suggested are not convenient for the schedule of the parents, the amounts paid are non-refundable.